The MInority Health Coalition of Marion County coordinates efforts to promote well-being among under-represented and vulnerable populations.  Across racial and ethnic groups, some communities are more likely to die from serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and other obesity related illnesses.

The Minority Health Initiative (MHI) offer programs and services that addresses health disparities in the Marion County and Hendricks County community. Priority areas for the MHI Program include: Diabetes, Infant Morality, Obesity and Mental Health (Hendricks).


The Operation Fit Kids Program is a free six week program offered throughout the community that promotes physical activity and healthy eating.  The OFK program aim addresses childhood obesity and targets youth between 6-10 years of age.  

The Empowered Weight Loss Program is a 4 week program geared toward motivating adults to take action in improving personal health behaviors.  The goal of the Empowered Weight Loss program is to decrease obesity rates among adults in Marion County.  

The Minority Health Coalition implements the Project Power program.  The Project Power program is a 4-6 week module developed through the American Diabetes Association.  

This program speaks to different topics pertaining to diabetes and self-management practices.

The Minority Health Coalition also offers:  Blood Pressure Screening, Body Mass Index Screening, Referrals and health presentations on various topics.

Please contact us at 317-926-1170 for questions on these programs.